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Fall Means Cooler Weather

This has been a warm fall so far, but the really cold temperatures are just around the corner!  Now is that last minute time if there are any concerns with your heating system to get it taken care of before we are in danger of pipes freezing and further damage.  We have also been doing a lot of winterizations, so if you have a property that is going to be empty this winter, we can help protect your investment.

Also, Mass Save's information for 2017 for heating rebates and the HEAT loan program are now available.  Early replacements, or when you upgrade your boiler or furnace before it is not working, are becoming more available every year to homeowners.  This does include boilers and furnaces that are old, but still functioning. All of the information can be found at this site:  You can also find more information on our facebook page soon.

We hope everyone enjoys their spring and summer trouble free, but should you find yourself in need of our help, and are a veteran or a senior citizen, remember to ask for your 10% labor discount!

Is yours ready for winter?